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Reconditioned Turbos

We stock a wide range of economically priced, quality reconditioned turbos available off the shelf. Remanufactured turbos have all gone through a thorough rebuild process with all wear sensitive components such as bearings, seals & piston rings are replaced, vanes, shafts and valves checked against original manufacturers specifications or replaced and all housing units cleaned & sandblasted before reassembly and balancing.

Purchase A Reconditioned Unit

To purchase a reconditioned unit off the shelf, call us for a price and availability. We need your turbocharger part number which is located on the small aluminium plate with engraved numbers. See the photo to the right for help on locating your part number. Or use our turbocharger finder Find Your Turbo

Complete Remanufacture Process

The remanufacture process involves a complete unit strip down. The housing items are then burnt off to remove carbon. Replaceable parts such as bearings, seals and piston rings are replaced as standard. Turbine shafts, compressor wheels and valves are checked against OEM specifications and replaced where required. The rotor assembly is then dynamically balanced and the unit assembled after which it goes through a quality control inspection. The units are then carefully packaged and ready to sell. We currently have over 3000 units available covering all popular models.
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