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Turbo Care

Caring for your turbo is important and can often significantly extend its life expectancy. Below are a number of tips that we recommend.

Idle Before Turning Engine Off

Idling the engine for 30 seconds at the end of the journey allows the wheels within the turbo to slow down and oil to return to the engine. Although compressor speed will still be considerable the effects of switching an engine off whilst at much higher compressor speeds will risk seizure and excessive carbon deposits within the turbo unit which will build up more rapidly over time.

Never Run Engine Without Air Filter

Do not run your engine without the air filter. Particles can easily enter the air intake and quickly damage the sensitive compressor vanes on the turbocharger.

Replace The Oil Filter Regularly

Replacing the oil filter will ensure that carbon particulates are reduced to a minimum and lessen carbon build up in the turbo unit.

Gradual Engine Start

When starting the engine, allow a few moments for the oil pressure to build up. The oil feed to the turbo is driven by the engine and the turbo itself can often be drained of oil, especially after standing for a long period. This is more important after first installing a turbo unit.

Regular Maintenance

Make checking your turbo a part of your regular maintenance schedule. Check the hoses, gaskets and connections for signs of failure.


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